czwartek, 18 kwietnia 2019

New releases are out today!

Three new tapes of amazing cold & atmospheric Black Metal!

MCR 025 WINTAAR 'Wintaar'
MCR 026 WINTAAR 'Battlewinds'
MCR 027 WINTAAR 'Forgotten Hymns of the Urals'

poniedziałek, 4 marca 2019

FULLMOON NIGHT RITUAL 'Cold Breath of Winter'

FULLMOON NIGHT RITUAL 'Cold Breath of Winter'

First demo of Polish horde with nearly 30 minutes of Cold & Raw Black Metal. Homage to old school Underground from the 90's and everlasting Winter!

poniedziałek, 2 lipca 2018

New arrivals 02-07-2018

Evilfeast - Invoking the Ancient
Ende - Goétie Funeste
Nordwind - Nordwind
Iskandr - Heilig Land
Iskandr - Zon
Hypnosinosis - ῾Υπνωσίνοσις
Blood Red Fog - Thanatotic Supremacy
Shroud Of Satan - Of Evil Descent
Demonic Temple - Incrementum

Dauþuz - Die Grubenmähre
Fullmoon Lunacy - Invocation (Demo I)
Fullmoon Lunacy - Cenotaph (Demo II)

wtorek, 26 czerwca 2018

CULTIST 'Chants of Sublimation' OUT TODAY!

CULTIST, Chants of Sublimation, debut EP for the new Italian/Norwegian project, with members of Urarv, Dauden and Fides Inversa. 
Released on CD in colaboration with Nigredo Records. 
Let the Chants in.

czwartek, 21 czerwca 2018

CULTIST 'Chants of Sublimation'

Finally we are ready to deliver you great news. The release date of the debut cd by Cultist entiteled 'Chants of Sublimation' is set to be 26th of June! Beware - the pre-orders starts now on.