MCR 021 DEATHROW 'Deathrow'
Compilation of the two EPs on one tape - 'A Monument of Suffering' and 'Like a Lion Devouring the Sun'. Primitive Black Metal from Italy. Tape limited to 100 tapes.
Price 4€ / 12zł

MCR 020 UHRILAHJA 'En fördärvad värld'
Excellent Black Metal from Finland. Debut album. Tape limited to 100 copies.
Price 4€ / 12zł

MCR 019 IMPENETRABLE DARKNESS 'Loyalty in Blackness'
Debut album by this Black Metal act from Greece is out on CD. Let the pure darkness consumes you...
Price 10 / 30zł

MCR 018 ECTOPLASMA 'Cryogenically Revived'
New EP by this murderous act. Merciless & savage Death Metal from Greece.
Price 4€ / 12zł

MCR 017 ECTOPLASMA 'Cavern of Foul Unbeings'
Second album by these old-school Death Metal maniacs from Greece. Expect nothing else than devastating Death Metal.
Price 4€ / 12zł

MCR 016 VULTUR 'Entangled in the Webs of Fear'
Relentless & crushing Death Metal from Greece. Debut album limited to 100 copies on tape.
Price 4€ / 12zł

MCR 015 CULTIST 'Chants of Sublimation' CD
Black Metal coming straight from the '90s with melodic touch. Featuring members of Deathrow, Darvaza, Fides Inversa, Daudan, Urarv...
Price 8 / 25zł

MCR 014 MASCHARAT 'Mascharat'
In a clandestine form, heading from Italy, MASCHARAT delivers pure masterpiece of Occult Black Metal. The mirage of mysterious atmoshpere and cryptic sounds hidden behind the Bauta mask is all you will discover here.
Price 4€ / 12zł

MCR 013 MYSTAGOS 'Pvrvsha'
Occult Black Metal from Spain. Music on 'Pvrvsha' takes you to unknown dimension where absolute darkness fills your veins with anxious vibe. 
Price 4€ / 12zł

MCR 012 CHAINS OV BELETH 'Christeos Chaos'
Black Metal from Spain with a mysterious atmosphere. Let the flames of Chaos burst within your soul. Price 4€ / 12zł

MCR 011 ANGELGOAT 'Primitive Goat Worship'
Perverted ceremony of pure Black Metal. Obscure, minimalistic and praising the times when the genre was born! Expect nothing else than Evil!

Price 4€ / 12zł

MCR 010 NECROGOSTO 'Necrogosto'
A total worship of utter darkness! Debut demo of the horde from the depths of Brazil. Primordial bestiality in its most pure way! This demo tape will crush your fukking skull!!!
Price 4€ / 12zł

Old school gutwrenching and gruesome Death Metal from Greece. Raw and aggressive and it is threatening to grind your bones. A must for all AUTOPSY fans!!!

Price 10 / 30zł

Devil worshipping bestial Blackened Death Metal. Analogically recorded MMXIII, featuring members of DOMAINS, DEVOTION and PROFUNDIS TENEBRARUM.
Price 8 / 25zł

MCR 007 NO SALVATION 'Defiling Verses'
Debut album of this Polish Death Metal commando which will drill your brain with primordial brutal power and unholy might! If you miss the profane aura of the old albums by Morbid Angel and devastating riffing in vein of old Immolation with great sound this album is for you a fucking must to have! Price 4€ / 12zl

MCR 006 MOLOCH LETALIS 'Zgliszcza'
This beast spits out horrendous and obscure nine tracks of total Black / Death Metal! It is vulgar, soulless and it will possess your black spirit to the maximum! 'Zgliszcza' is a disgusting monument of old school days in the real underground. Get you copy! Price 4€ / 12zl

MCR 005 NECROSADIST 'Infernal Stench of Blasphemy'
Necrosadist delivers you a total fucking madness, desastrous filthness combined with complete necro approach towards compositions. It is brigade of death that will take no slaves, executions to everyone will be served! Legions are marching, become one of them! A dirty, obscure, savage Black / Thrash Metal beast! Released with Under The Tyrant's Banner Prod. Price 4€ / 12zl 

Split of two Polish hordes that will bring you a fucking blackened thrashing madness! 7 Unholy tracks of Hellish that will remind you what real Metal is about and 4 tracks of Vaplurgia which are in fact 22 years old! Total fucking retro Metal to the bone! Released with Merciless Death Production. Price 4€ / 12zl

MCR 003 CIEŃ 'Ecce Homo'
Emotional journey straight to your soul, your fears. Cień is splendidly merging the elements of Black Metal with Doom Metal. It is a soundtrack of miserable life's society. Price 4€ / 12zl

 This is the third full-lenght album of this solo project from France. Expect an atmosphere of total necromantic rituals with devotion to Black Metal Art! Price 4€ / 12zl

Debut demo of this unholy act of Black Metal from Italy. The obscurity mixed with absolute coldness. Limited to 200 copies. Price 4€ / 12zl